Yatar Israel


YATAR’s Mission

YATAR is dedicated to the protection of Israel’s population, by providing Israel’s security forces with much needed inexpensive, armed and mobile volunteer manpower. YATAR’s highly trained officers work with, and under, the direct supervision of the Border Police and the IDF, augmenting their efforts to thwart terror attacks and prevent crime.  Due to its early successes, YATAR would like to expand its program to as many areas in Israel that require such help. Most recently, YATARs’ services were called upon as a means of reacting to the thousands of fires, launched by terrorists, at the border communities of Gaza. The re-deployment of assets quickly revealed the extreme shortage of ATVs and supporting equipment that YATAR desperately needs. 


2018 Immediate Need – Adopt a volunteer

Due to the ongoing and rapidly deteriorating security situation in the Southern region bordering Gaza, YATAR has been called upon to rapidly expand its program in these hard-hit communities. The initial expansion requires the training and gear for 70 volunteers. Although the training is complete and the volunteers have been deployed, the volunteers are lacking the necessary clothing and equipment to perform their jobs. YATAR was forced to deploy immediately due to the urgency of the current situation, however, without proper tools, the volunteers are compromised. The cost per volunteer borne by YATAR is $2,500.

2017-2018 Yatar Achievements

YATAR consists of a force of 150 fully trained operative volunteers, with 70 individuals awaiting proper clothing and equipment. The volunteers are spread primarily between two key problem regions, the Gaza border and the Greater Jerusalem area. Every volunteer commits to a monthly minimum of patrol shifts, in addition to ‘being-on-call’ to respond to emergency and rescue calls. 

Jerusalem Region and Mate Yehuda Council

· YATAR’s efforts helped reduce criminal and terror activity in patrolled areas (there are numerous records of this and can be discussed verbally) 

· During the Temple Mount crisis (September 2017) YATAR staffed roadblocks to prevent busloads of activists from entering Jerusalem with the intent of agitating local residents and fueling tensions.

· YATAR is continuously called by the Border Police to help aid in search efforts for missing people due to potential crime or suspected terrorism

· Purchased the first ATV in May 2017

· Graduated first team of 40 volunteers in early 2017

Otef Azza (Gaza) Council

In 2018, YATAR re-directed a majority of its assets to help in Otef Azza, the communities in close proximity to the border with Gaza.

· Trained 70 new volunteers for Gaza Border assignment in February 2018 

· These volunteers have been actively responding to fires since March 2018

· YATAR arrived first to a fire between Kibbutz Alumim and Nahal Oz, where an Army base and an Iron Dome Battery is located. YATAR’s quick deployment preceded the fire department’s response time by 15 minutes and successfully warned the soldiers, prior to the fire enveloping the area.

· YATAR deployed its ATVs at the very beginning of the current Gaza conflict, arriving first to fight the fires, as well as being available to respond to other suspected terrorist activities

· YATAR has been credited with providing key on-the ground intelligence in real-time to help other security personnel