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In a message from Karen Hurvitz:

1)  This appeared 2 days ago in a blog that monitors Islamization of schools:

Massachusetts: Taxpayers sue over anti-Semitic, pro-Islam public school lessons

Source: Massachusetts: Taxpayers sue over anti-Semitic, pro-Islam public school lessons

A group of Massachusetts-based taxpayers are suing the school committee in the city of Newton, a wealthy, liberal enclave, over what they claim is the leadership's ongoing promotion of anti-Semitic school materials and the promotion of Islamic religious beliefs, according to an announcement from the organization handling the lawsuit.

Education Without Indoctrination, a local community group driving the lawsuit, "claims multiple violations of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law stemming from the school committee's handling of a burgeoning scandal over anti-Semitic lessons and the promotion of Islamic religious beliefs as objective facts in the public school district's history classes," according to a press release from the group.

The lawsuit stems from a controversy of Newton Public Schools use of what the group claims are "unvetted educational materials" produced by the Saudi Arabian oil company ARAMCO and the Qatari government, which has long been cited for its funding of terrorism.
"In teaching world history, Newton Public Schools (NPS) use unvetted educational materials funded by the Saudi oil company ARAMCO and the government of Qatar. As a result, Newton public school students are propagandized with materials that slander Israel and the Jewish people, and that falsify history to promote the Islamic religion in public schools," the press release states.

"Just this past May, Newton North High School invited an anti-Semitic group to screen Palestinian propaganda films to its students," it continues. "For this, NPS Superintendent David Fleishman earned a rebuke from the New England branch of the Anti-Defamation League and Boston's Jewish Community Relations Council."

Concerned parents have been stonewalled in their attempts to gain information from the school leadership about these activities, the group claims.

"All that secrecy has now crossed into illegality," Karen Hurvitz, a member of EWI and counsel for the Newton taxpayers, is quoted as saying in the lawsuit against the Newton School Committee. "For months now, dozens of Newton citizens have come before the school committee to complain about the non-objective, anti-Jewish, and Islamic religious lessons, as well as about Superintendent David Fleishman, who has refused to stop it being taught. Yet the names of all these citizens and summaries of what they said were deliberately omitted from the school committee meeting minutes month after month."

For a more thorough explanation of the Islamic/Hamas infiltration, read this Newton, MA public school officials backtrack on pledge to rid curriculum of anti-Israel (pro-Islam) bias.

2) Even though the Petition, attached, can be signed only by Newton MA residents, we have started the same Petition online in order to educate people who may not know about what is happening and also to get widespread support beyond the City of Newton. If you could take a moment to sign and forward, it could make a difference. If you are a Newton resident, if you could sign the attached Petition and mail it back to me at 34 Tanglewood Drive, Concord MA 01742, that would be great. We plan to present both Petitions this week. 

Sign the online petition - Now

PDF Download.  Print the Petition, sign it and then mail to Karen Hurvitz, 34 Tanglewood Drive, Concord, MA  01742

Call to Action

August 10, 2018

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was featured on Firing Line with Margaret Hoover discussing the prevalence and impact of female genital mutilation (FGM) on women and girls in the United States.  

In this interview, Ayaan shares her experience of surviving FGM at age five, discusses the situation of FGM in the United States, and calls for action to end this harmful cultural practice.

AHA Foundation fights to make the United States a safer place for girls by working to end FGM and other horrific traditional practices, such as child and forced marriage. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 500,000 women and girls have undergone or are at risk of FGM in the U.S.  

Despite these estimates, 23 states still do not have laws against the practice and those states that do have specific FGM legislation need strengthening.

Watch Ayaan’s interview to learn more about our work fighting FGM and how you can help.