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“A Christian Arab who Defends Israel”

Come hear YOSEPH HADDAD, an Israeli Christian Arab

Yoseph Haddad is an Israeli Christian Arab who loves and defends Israel.  He serves in the IDF. In 2006, while stationed in Lebanon, Yoseph lost his leg in a combat injury. 

While the world is increasingly filled with those who defame the Jewish state, Yoseph Haddad, bravely stands with Israel and, with facts and personal stories, speaks eloquently about its virtues. 

He has devoted his career to establishing an organization -Vouching for Each Other – which supports and promotes this important work which includes Druze and Bedouin groups.

He clearly articulates his position against BDS and radical Jewish groups like Breaking the Silence.  As an Israeli Christian Arab from Nazareth, his voice is a voice that needs to be heard.

When Haddad speaks of his commanders and the IDF in general, he refers to it as, “ the most moral army in the world.”  He claims that his time in the army made him a better human being and specifically gives credit to his fallen commander, Roi Klein.

Please join us for this important and informative event.  Admission is free.

Date, Time & Locaton

Date & Time

Wednesday , January 30 , 2019

7:00 PM


Young Israel of Brookline 

62 Green St., Brookline MA

Free Admission

For more information, download a copy of Joseph Haddad's bio, below


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