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2018 Genesis Awards Highlights

Mark Steyn

The Genesis Award recipient, Mark Steyn, accepts the 2018 Genesis Award from CJUI President, Ray Hanna.

Andrea Levin

CJUI President, Ray Hanna, presents Emet Award to CAMERA President and Executive Director, Andrea Levin.

Ray Hanna

Former CJUI President, Fumio Taku, presents CJUI President, Ray Hanna with the Emet Award

Beverly Koplan

CJUI Board Member, Margot Einstein, honors CJUI Vice President, Beverly Koplan with special recognition for her outstanding and tireless work on the 13th Annual Genesis Awards event.

Newton School Committee

Christians and Jews across America should not miss this message.  It has the power to change the future...

These words need to be heard far and wide.  Wake up!  Have eyes to see and ears to hear before it's too late!  We are fighting for our future.  The minds and hearts of our child are at stake.

Christians and Jews United for Israel

CJUI brings Christians and Jews together in recognition of our shared responsibility to defend freedom and Judeo-Christian values for ourselves and future generations, in America and in Israel. 

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