2017 Genesis Awards Video

New Destiny hosts Tricia Miller, PhD, CAMERA

The Good News TODAY article, November 2017

Christian Conference in Lowell, MA

From left to right: Ray Hanna, president of Christians and Jews United for Israel; Margot Einstein, CAMERA and CJUI; Dexter Van Zile, CAMERA analyst; Dr. Tricia Miller, CAMERA analyst; Pastor Anthony Triplett 

On September 9, 2017 CAMERA convened a conference at a church in Lowell MA, co-sponsored by Christians and Jews United for Israel and CAMERA, The conference was hosted by Pastor Anthony Triplett. CAMERA’s Christian analysts and the CJUI president, Ray Hanna,  spoke on the subjects of persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Evangelical support for Israel. 

2016 - 11th Annual Genesis Awards

11th Annual Genesis Awards - Part 1

  • Presentation of American and Israel Flags 
  • Music:  The Star Spangled Banner 
  • Music:  Hatikva 
  • Introductions by Charles Jacobs 
  • Opening Remarks by Ray Hanna 
  • Genesis Award Honoree:  Andrew Jacobson 

11th Annual Genesis Awards - Part 2

  • Charles Jacobs - Introduction to Genesis Award Recipient:  Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • Keynote address by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

11th Annual Genesis Awards - Part 3

  • Q&A with Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • Music
  • Closing Remarks